Kindergarten Class

Tuition Rates

Current Tuition Rates


  • One Child - $6,920/year
  • Two Children - $9,461/year
  • Three Children - $9,842/year
  • Four Children - $10,318/year


  • Per Child - $4,911/year


  • One Child - $2,646/year
  • Two or more Children - $4,892/year


  • One Child - $650/year
  • Two or more Children - $750/year

Tuition figures reflect the current school year’s tuition. Each year the school finance committee sets an annual school budget. In order to keep the school competitive, an annual increase of 1%–3% is possible.

There will be multiple funding sources available to those families in need of tuition assistance. Please make an appointment with the school office to learn more!

Annual tuition is broken down into 10 monthly payments (August through May).
Alternatively, tuition may be paid in full by July 1 of the coming school year for a 3% discount.

Tuition Assistance from the Catholic Education Foundation

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